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CEO Roundtables

Nearly one-quarter of small business owners don’t seek advice when facing critical challenges. Imagine having a group of successful CEOs who help you to think twice about an idea before making a final decision. Like most small business owners, it can be lonely at the top, and you may struggle to find people who truly understand your challenges; The Alternative Board (TAB) may be an excellent resource. TAB is a peer advisory group for executives looking to connect with like-minded leaders on a regular basis.

CEO Roundtables are comprised of 8-10 business owners who gather monthly to offer one another constructive feedback in a focused and structured format. Board members find the confidential environment to be the only place they can find solutions to some of their toughest challenges.

Business owners that find TAB beneficial:

  • Value learning from other business owners
  • Are not content with mediocrity
  • Seek to eliminate the isolation frequently felt by business owners
  • Want to build a thriving and profitable business less dependent on them!
  • Seek a healthier work/life balance
  • Strive to evolve as a business leader

Small and Midsized Business Coaching

Our certified coaching services are designed to help you unlock your potential and transform your business. Business coaching provides a trusted advisor to help maximize performance, work through challenges and opportunities and live the personal and professional life you have always desired. 

Strategic Planning

Implementing The Alternative Board’s (TAB) proprietary strategic planning platform, we work with our members to develop key performance indicators (KPIs), competitive analyses, organization charts, financial plans, and company and personal missions. Strategic planning can include:

Step 1:   Collaboration to Create or Reimagine a Bold Vision
Step 2:   Build a Plan that Aligns with the New Vision
Step 3:   Define Tactical Execution
Step 4:   Implementation

Operational Efficiencies

If your operations are running inefficiently, we can help get them on track. We will help you identify inefficiencies and re-engineer operations for optimum performance. Recommendations will yield powerful results. We also provide guidance on developing a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

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P&L Management

If your business struggles to maintain profitability, we can help. Our vast P&L experience across industries guides our budget creation and identifies gaps and opportunities. We offer routine audits and provide recommendations to streamline processes to ensure the consistent profitability of your business.

Sales & Marketing

Are your customers at the center of your strategy? If not, they should be. Your target market should drive every strategic and tactical decision from branding to advertising. Our sales and marketing consulting will help you center your business strategy around your customers. 

  • Customer Experience
  • Portfolio and Product Management
  • Sales Management
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Brand and Customer Strategy
  • Marketing


Often, small businesses overlook defining their mission, employee roles, and key differentiators, which leads to mismanagement, confusion, and inefficiencies. If your business struggles with any of the following, TeamAlign can help. TeamAlign assists leaders in defining an action plan to bring employees together for a clear path forward.

  • Vague value proposition
  • Lack of accountability
  • Unclear organizational chart
  • Ambiguous strategic vs. tactical vision
  • Lack of strategic direction
  • Busy work and inefficient meetings

Personnel Assessments

Personnel assessments can help improve the quality of your team by:

  • Identifying behavioral and motivational attributes of individuals
  • Recruiting and retaining more effective team players
  • Engaging and advancing high-potential employees
  • Identifying and eliminating potential conflicts between teams
  • Increasing overall productivity

At Arundel Enterprises we use the DISC assessment to evaluate four areas of employee behavior:

  • D (Dominance) – how a person deals with problems/challenges
  • I (Influence) – how a person can influence others
  • S (Steadiness) – indicates the pace and steadiness of a person
  • C (Compliance) – how detail-oriented or risk-adverse is the employee

DISC measures observable behaviors of an individual and can indicate accurately how an individual will perform in a given position, including what value he or she will bring to a team; DISC measures “HOW” a person does things.

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