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Peter Arundel, Owner & CEO

We help business owners improve their companies in ways that can change their lives.

Enterprise Builder, Buyer, and Seller

A veteran business owner and CEO, Peter has walked in the shoes of business owners. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold his own businesses, as well as founded several non-profit organizations. His experience in all facets of management is deep and vast, bringing a wealth of corporate resources to his clients.

Experienced in Driving Revenue

Peter works with business owners to help them grow faster by training and building a team that can run independently without the need for micromanagement of the owner. Putting a team and system in place that captures greater market share helps you realize the revenue goals you have always aspired to.

Vast Network of Experts

Networking is key to building business relationships. Peter’s 40-plus years in managerial and executive-level positions have allowed him to build a vast network of connections in business law, finance, HR, sales, and marketing. He is passionate about connecting entrepreneurs and successful executives because he believes we are all in this together, and connections only make a leader stronger.

Corporate Goodwill and Citizenship

Creating and nurturing corporate goodwill adds significant value to a corporate brand. Peter has a rich history of non-profit start-ups and understands how to connect corporations to civic organizations that can make a difference with employee morale and corporate pride.

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